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Responses to the Doubts of the Apostates and Anti-Islam Propagandists
Posted by Abu.Iyaad, Editor in Apostates
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Part 5: Animals and Livestock for Transport and food. Excerpt: In short, this smarmy self-proclaimed apostate is just quickfiring blanks with the shallowness of an immature child, thinking he is doing some damage, when the reality is that he is being laughed at and mocked for his stupidity and ignorance which he has made a public display of, similar to that in a circus. Click to download PDF File.

Part 4: Regarding the The Milk of Cattle. Excerpt: In short, milk is produced from the digested material in the stomach and intestine?before the remains of it turns to feces?and the nutrients in this material are carried via blood flow, thousands and thousands of litres of it, into the mammary glands that contain alveoli. Hence, the verse simply alludes to the fact that out of the midst of digested material and blood as a transport mechanism, milk is produced. Click to download PDF File.

Part 3: Dust and Clay as Components of Man's Creation. Excerpt: In short, whether you believe in a creator or not, this much cannot even be disputed, namely that dust, and extracts of clay, given what has preceded, and water are components of man's creation. The real issue is as to whether it took place via choice with intent or via the randomness of physicochemical dynamics. Click to download PDF File.

Part 2: Creatures "Creating and Living in Communities". Excerpt: In short, this particular verse does not state what the apostate claimed that it states. He got misled by the translations of the word "umam", as "communities" twisting this to mean "creating and living as a society" as we find in a highly organised way in humans. The verse states that just as humans are a species, a nation, then animals and birds are also species, nations. So this is a reference to the aṣnāf, or ajnās (genus, types, categories). Click to download PDF File.

Part 1: Regarding the Creation of All Things in Pairs (Zawjayn). Excerpt: In short, the verse in question talks about everything in the creation being one of a pair from some aspect of its nature and reality such that the only being who is totally unique, without being in a pair, without any partner, is Allāh, the Lord and Creator of the worlds. And within creation, there is a subset which is biological life within which there is also the concept of a pair from a number of angles, from them, male and female. Click to download PDF File.

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