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ِِِِApostates are in general either confused individuals who think they are upon something or those who develop emotional, financial or ideological grounds for leaving Islam due to maltreatment, bad experiences and so on, and then they try to intellectualise and rationalise their true underlying motives. There are also those that believe they have strong intellectual grounds and may be sincere in that belief. However, that sincerity can easily be tested through the removal of their doubts.

A major factor in apostasy is blindly-following the inventive and conjectural theories about the origin of the universe and origin of man which became popular during the 20th century, and which today have been rendered a farce, for those who are able to penetrate the deceptive, cryptic language that is employed to present them, and who know the history of how and why these ideas developed in the first place. Other factors include treating the cultures and subjective values of certain nations as a universal model for what ought to be right or wrong and then using that as a criterion. For others it may be the presence of extremists and terrorists who present a horrid picture of Islam, which they reject, thinking it is genuine Islam. Others are deceived by the slogans of "democracy" and "freedom of speech" and "human rights" and so on which upon closer inspection do not reflect the true and actual realities of those nations, which are in reality run upon a disguised, gradual and stealth form of Communism (compare how Western socialist democracies really operate with the ten planks of Communism of Marx and Engels). The democracy part is just to give the illusion that the people are in charge, ruling themselves, when the reality is otherwise.

And then one should keep in mind the tremendous organised, calculated propaganda coming from numerous factions such as the extreme political and religious zionists, the neoconservatives and corporate terrorists, the evangelical Christians and far-right nationalist supremacist movements. Within this climate, and a highly polemicised treatment of Islam, it is understandable that there will be apostates, those who spent their lives upon ignorance or some innovated, distorted understanding of Islam, and then developed an inferiority complex and doubts when engulfed with waves of anti-Islam propaganda.

This section addresses doubts and misconceptions spread by the most vocal of apostates regarding Islam, the Qur'an and the Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam). It will become clearly that overwhelmingly, these vocal apostates turn out to be the most ignorant of people and while they pretend they have intellectual and rational reasons, they often hide their true and real motives.

It is important to note that we distinguish between the type of apostate we are refuting in these articles, one that is active in spreading deliberate lies and disinformation, and those who have are genuinely confused and believe they have some rational or intellectual basis and may be sincere in that belief. The two should not be treated the same.

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