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Over the past 50 years huge advancements in astronomy, physics, molecular biology and genetics and the gradual closing gap between technological and biological systems have eroded the arguments previously used to undermine belief in God. Rather, arguments that were thought to have been totally undermined (such as the teleological argument) have received powerful invigoration through such advances and are now much harder to dismiss compared to the days of a clockwork (mechanical) universe, Darwinian notions of cells and primeval soups. Seeing the rise in the case for a knowing, willing, powerful creator, and the increasing challenges posed to atheism, a militant wing has appeared to "save the masses" and keep them within the fold of naturalist superstition (matter creates itself and self-organizes through random undirected processes). Their aggressive polemic is not free of question-begging, double-standards, misinformation, distortion and refutation of straw-man arguments to avoid addressing the actual arguments and issues.

There is an innate and intuitive element inherent in every person that automatically recognizes the rational intelligibility of the universe and naturally affirms that there is a creator behind it (see here). For this reason, not even an atheist can escape using teleological language (language that implies design) in describing life and the universe. This innate, intuitive element is known as the fitrah (الفطرة) and it has been alluded to in the Islamic texts. We will be expanding and exploring this subject area and its consequences in this section.

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